Month: August 2014

Fracking Fracas

Fracking Fracas

Polis townhall
Congressman Jared Polis addresses fractivists, August 2014

A last-minute backroom deal among Colorado Democrats scrapped plans for a potentially divisive anti-fracking ballot measure. The move may save the party’s candidates, particularly Governor John Hickenlooper — a loyal industry supporter — and Senator Mark Udall — who faces a tough reelection. But “fractivists” say a vote is coming sooner or later.

I report on the Democratic family feud and the fractivist fallout for High Country News in the August 12, 2014 issue. For the story, I traveled to Boulder to watch Congressman Jared Polis (Democrat) speak with — and hear it from — angry fracking opponents outraged at his decision to pull back the ballot measures.