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B-schools Get Their Green On

When I was finishing my graduate degree in environmental management, a group of executives and leaders from several major conservation organizations came and spoke with a group of us and each offered the same piece of advice, which at the time seemed a little late: Take some MBA classes.

While some classmates were pursuing a joint degree (MBA and environmental management), many of us had steered clear of management courses. By the end of my two years, I realized that learning about accounting or executive admin didn’t mean I needed to be an investment banker (nor would it turn me into a morally bankrupt environmentalist). Fortunately, b-school students are figuring out the converse as well, taking course-loads that combine traditional business education with sustainability and environmental premises.

Two years after the financial meltdown on Wall Street and across the nation, a number of graduate business-school programs have shifted some emphasis to ethics and environmental consciousness and, as with all things green, Colorado is at the forefront. I wrote about the green MBA movement on the Front Range in my July 1, 2010 column for the Northern Colorado Business Report. Continue reading