A muchly illuminating journalist

A muchly illuminating journalist

typewriter_1_lgIn the past year, a few colleagues who are now college professors have asked me to speak to seminars they teach on environmental communication and writing. Lecturing to a bunch of 20-year-olds (give or take) is a good way to pretend like I’ve achieved some goals, but so far I have left feeling like I was the keynote speaker at a some sort of “Scared Straight” program.

One of the seminars’ students thoughtfully sent me a thank-you card, and I thought I’d share a few of the comments because that way it’s funny instead of sad.

“Thanks for talking with us. It was very informational and helpful for a journalism major!”

This makes me feel like I was giving a presentation from some sort of county-level, public-health pamphlet: So You’re Toying With The Idea Of Pursuing A Journalism Career.

“I thought your willingness to share all that’s involved in your life of freelancing helped bring some things into perspective for me, regarding writing. So, thanks muchly.”

Seeing phrases like “all that’s involved in your life” and “helped bring some things into perspective for me” makes me feel like I’m receiving a psychological assessment or intervention manifesto. Does that make sense?

“Thank you for your honesty and candor about the path of being a freelance journalist. It was very illuminating for me. I’m not sure I have what it takes, and that is good to know.”

Another soul rescued from wandering down the perilous path to journalism.

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